Emmy Stars Can Always Teach a Lesson in Beauty

Most probably a lot of people have been keeping an eye on the Emmys of this year and we have to admit that this award show has been different from the rest. Why? There have been numerous pretty ladies and it is very difficult to find any mistakes when it comes to beauty.


Kelly Osborne

The whole world is talking about her because she seems to have achieved the perfect smoky eyes. In order to achieve the same look you should start with applying nude eye shadow. Then add a charcoal eye shadow to the outer part of the eyelids but make sure that you blend it. To have that specific V shape at the corner of the eyes, you need to use a pencil.

In order to accentuate the upper lash line you have to use liquid eyeliner, and you should create a bold make-up through reaching with it the corner of your eyes. For this part you need steady hands. As the finishing touches you should curl your lashes and add a couple of coats of volumizing mascara. Don’t forget about your brows either, and to make sure that they will look perfect, use some clear gel.

Heather Morris

She has been observed mostly because of her hair. This is the style to go for in case you would like to be edgy and elegant in the same time. In case you would like to have the same hairstyle, you will need day-old hair, because it is easier to work with it. Add volumizing mousse to the root of the hair and rub the product in.

Then you should create sections of your hair in the top, starting from one ear, and reaching the other. The extra height can be easily achieved through teasing the hair and pushing the strands towards the forehead. The bottom sections need to be divided into three sections. Smooth the outer two sections as if you were creating a ponytail and tuck them under the hair with the help of bobby pins.

The center section will be used to create a bun. Also in this case you will need bobby pins for the ends of the hair. The finishing touch is to mist the hair with strong-hold hairspray to make sure that it will survive the entire evening.

Hopefully you have got some ideas that you can use next time you have to attend a formal event.


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