Bye-Bye Dark Circles, Hello Beautiful Eyes

applying eye creamDark circles are problematic for almost every woman. According to the experts, even exposing to the sun will increase melanin level and will make the dark circles even deeper.

The best tip to keep the tender skin under the eyes fresh and without dark circles is to apply quick absorbing eye-cream, instead of lotions or creams with thick textures.

Make sure you are choosing the right corrector, which will wipe the dark shadows. The most proper one is a corrector with a pink-based shade, which works well on any type of skin.

Always choose a concealer that is lighter than your typical foundation nuances. Apply a thin layer on the area you already added the corrector.

Try to focus the sight on your face to your cheek or lips by using a bright pink blush and lipstick. They always distract from the dark circles and give a perfect glow to your face.


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