Dealing With The Dreaded Dark Circles Under The Eyes

dark circlesEffective treatment for dark circles under the eyes is a great unknown in skin care.

Very expensive serums sell very well. Almost every woman, at some point after puberty, will get them.

Lack of sleep is often the reason, as an adult needs over 7 hours of good night sleep to maintain the skin in a healthy condition.

Circles under eye are also a sign of reduced blood circulation from insufficient sleep, stress, not enough exercise, and poor nutrition.

Most sick people have dark circles under the eyes; this is because during illness, the skin grows paler, and so they are more evident. The diet should comprise many fresh fruits and vegetables.

Modest amounts of yoghurt daily help the skin. Check on levels of antioxidants in food, stay away from junk food, and cut down on salt.

The skin around the eyes is thin, so a rubbing can break capillaries resulting in darkening. If the eyes itch, there might be an allergic reaction either inhaled or eaten. Any other signs of itching should result in taking an antihistamine tablet.

Dark circles under the eyes can also be hereditary. If family members have dark circles, the problem may be genetic. Those who cannot digest vitamin B12 and proteins may have dark circles.

If genetic, a visit to a dermatologist is advised to get a blood test. If the test is positive for deficiencies in nutrients, a dermatologist can prescribe oral medication.

If the circles are caused by poor sleeping habits or fatigue, a wet and cold cloth can be placed over the eyes during sleep.


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