Easy Ways To Care For Your Eyes

We need to take care of our body including our eyes. They are the windows of our soul. They help us see the beauty and reality around us.

No wonder, they are very important parts of the body that must be treated with utmost care.

Here are some easy ways to care for your eyes:

1. Eat vitamin A-rich foods

We all know that our eyes need vitamin A to see clearly and protect it from eye diseases. Excellent sources of vitamin A are carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach, butter, fish, and eggs.vitamins

2. Exercise your eyes

Eyes also need regular exercise. When you wake up in the morning or after reading, roll your eyes and look from right to left and top to bottom. This relaxes your eye muscles.

3. Avoid bad reading habits

Bad reading habits like reading while lying on the bed or traveling and using dim light can be straining to the eyes. You have to avoid them if you don’t want to end up using glasses.

These easy tips to take care of your eyes[eye care] are very simple and practical to do yet they can do a lot for your eyes. Keep them in mind if you want to have a clear vision until you grow old.


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