Top 4 Stress Relief And Strengthening Exercises For The Eyes

Today most jobs demand sitting in front of the computer. This has led to increased vision problems and use of spectacles or contact lenses. But this adverse effect of using computers or watching television can be reversed by following some simple routine exercises for the eyes.

Exercises For The Eyes


Eyes just like the rest of our body needs some form of work out to keep them healthy. It is a myth that with old age we will lose strength of vision and will have to use spectacles. In fact early use of such instruments leads to worsening of vision and increased eye problems. The good news is that you can improve vision and stay away from spectacles with regular eye exercises. Here are some of the best eye exercises that you can start in order to have healthy eyes and good vision.

1. Palm on the Eyes

This is an extremely simple exercise to relieve stress. Do this whenever you get some respite from your computer work. Rest your elbows on the desk and place your palms on the eyes, the heel of the palm on your cheek and fingers on forehead. Take deep breaths as you do this. Repeat every hour and feel your eyes relax.

2. Trace the number Eight

Now let’s work on the eye muscles. Think of the number eight in front on you.  In your mind, lay the number horizontally and trace its perimeter with your eyes. Do in one direction for five minutes, and then change directions. This boosts the muscles and keeps eyes functioning well.

3. Focus

This particular exercise will make you focus on distant and close objects thereby strengthening eye muscles and improving overall vision. It will also be helpful for people beginning to develop long or short sightedness. In order to do this you have to keep an object 10 feet away from where you generally sit e.g. your workstation.

Then place another object 20 feet away from your seat. Now put your thumb 10 to 15 inches away from you. Inhale and focus on your thumb. As you exhale and inhale again shift focus to the object 10 feet away. Then with the next breath focus on the object 20 feet away. Repeat as often as you can to improve vision.

4. Blink

Yes it is as simple as that. Whenever you blink you eyes go into momentary darkness and erases previous sights to prepare to capture new sights. Blinking is like the refresh button for your eyes and helps to reduce the strain. Blink at intervals of three seconds for about 2 minutes after you have worked on a computer and feel strained.

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