Merits That Emanate From An Eye Massage

eye massageEyes, they say are a window to the world, and why not?

Eyesight is one of the most important boons that we are born with and this goes without saying.

However, how many of us actually respect that boon? It is said that we do not realize the worth of what we have till we have lost it.

Most of us have taken this gift for granted and hardly ever take proper care of our eyes [Eye care].

However, in this world where we are constantly exposed to chemicals, stress, electronic visual mediums etc. such negligence could prove to be disastrous.

In this computer age, many of us spend hours in front of the computer screen exposed to harmful rays. A simple walk on the street can result in eye stress due to exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Various types of radiation are constantly playing havoc on the fragile human eye and this increases the need and urgency of a stress buster, an eye reliever, and what better a solution than the very effective and therapeutic massage?

A massage can relieve stress quickly. Massages are also great at stimulating nerves, increasing blood circulation and invigorating the muscles and tissues. For those who face constant stress and problems in their eyes, eye massage is the key solution.

According to experts, eyes are what first show the signs of ageing. Puffiness, dark circles, red eyes, wrinkles all are a part and parcel, consequences of stress and it is because the eye is so delicate that it is so adversely affected.

The skin near the eyes is the thinnest and there is no oil gland around which is why it is also prone to dehydration. Adding to this, eyes are sensitive and react to allergens, salt, foods, fatigue, medication, hormonal fluctuations, etc making them itchy or other problems.

Dark circles are a common problem faced by all generations. They are usually caused due to lack of sleep but other factors like stress, fluid stagnation, sun exposure etc can also result in dark circles.

In today’s world where looking good is imperative, dark circles can dent your confidence, but with an eye massage, the area around your eyes is well stimulated, the muscles are reinvigorated and dark circles visibly reduced.

Often eyes tend to get itchy and red. Puffiness is also experienced, usually caused due to constant rubbing of eyes. This is often the handiwork of chemicals, allergies or, again, late nights.

With the help of an eye massage, the redness is reduced considerably since the blood circulation is stimulated, and it helps the eyes to relax which reduces the puffiness. Even for problems such as wrinkles, a good eye massage can help.

Wrinkles are usually caused with increase in age, however, sometimes it may also be due to stress, and this is where an eye massage can help reduce wrinkles by reducing stress.

An eye massage relieves stress, soothes tired muscles and helps in the circulation of the most important element, water. Re-hydrating helps keep dehydration at bay and keeps the eye in top shape.


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