Know About the Side Effects of Latisse

‘Latisse’ is a prescribed treatment for ‘hypotrichosis’ that is a condition of inadequate or no eyelashes. The treatment was approved by the FDA in December 2008 and was introduced in the market to stimulate the growth of longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. Latisse was developed from a glaucoma drug called ‘Bimatoprost’ when glaucoma patients observed thick and dark growth of eyelashes as side effects post using of the drug.

It is recommended to use Latisse for at least 16 weeks in order to yield good results. Do not cease its application in between the treatment period as this may cause the condition of the eyelashes to return to its earlier position. Follow the supervision of your doctor while using the solution and tTake proper care while applying the Latisse solution.

know about the side effects of Latisse

Learn about the Side Effects of Latisse

Using Latisse develops some common side effects like:

  • Severe burning or itching of the eyelids.
  • Acute redness and swelling in or around the eye.
  • Darkening of eyelids.
  • Increased amount of blood in the eye lining.
  • Increased number of eyelashes.

Unusual Side Effects like 

  • Infections.
  • Inflammation of the eyelid.
  • Pain in the eye.
  • Vision problems and blurredness in the eye.
  • Headaches.
  • Existence of an external body in the eye.

Rare Side Effects Like

  • Tiredness.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Discharge from the eyes.
  • Conjunctivitis.
  • Strain in the eyes.
  • Fluid accumulation around the eye.
  • Sensitive to light.
  • Excessive coloration of the iris.

How to Succeed with the Latisse Treatment?

  • Incorporate the use of Latisse into your daily night routine.
  • Store the solution bottle at a convenient place so that you may remember to apply it all nights without fail.
  • Incur patience with its application. It takes approximately 16 weeks of continued usage of the solution to grow thick and dark eyelashes.
  • Apply Latisse on clean surface.
  • Strictly follow the instructions while applying Latisse. Always apply it to the base of the upper eyelashes and strictly use the approved applicator provided in the kit that comes along with the Latisse bottle. Do not apply it on the lower lid of the eye.
  • In case you forget to apply the solution one night, do not apply more to catch up. Just use it the next night.
  • Take care not to expose the solution to any unintended surface as it may cause infections due to contaminated bacteria.
  • Remember to remove your contact lenses before applying Latisse. You may replace the lenses after a gap of 15 minutes.
  • Do not stop using the solution between the treatment as it may lead your eyelashes to return to the previous position.
  • Try to record your progress every week as this will help you to keep a track on the development of Latisse utilization.

According to the studies conducted by the FDA, about 4% of the people are prone to the side effects of Latisse application. If you develop any kind of infections or notice any odd ailments, then immediately consult your doctor to talk about the use of Latisse.


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