The Best Ways to Treat Sunken Eyes

As we age, the area around our eyes may become sunken and this condition is commonly referred to as sunken eyes.  Besides aging, there are many other reasons for this condition and some of them include poor diet, dehydration, stress and even lack of sufficient sleep.

Sunken eyes can make one look exhausted, tired and dull and it is thus important to treat this condition. The following is a list of some of the ways through which you can treat sunken eyes:

ways to treat sunken eyes

Raw Potato

One of the best ways to treat sunken eyes is to apply some raw potato on them. For this, you need to slice raw potatoes into thin layers and then keep them on your eyes for about 15-20 minutes.  This method helps to provide the skin with the essential nutrients and vitamins that it needs and also helps to moisturize and soften the skin under our eyes.

Tea Bags

Another amazing way to treat sunken eye condition is to use tea bags. For this, you need to either place warm tea bags or cold tea bags on your eyes for a little while and leave them there for a few minutes.  After that, wash the eyes with cold water. This helps to relax the area and also promotes blood circulation around the eyes. It helps to reduce dark circles as well as pigmentation.

Vitamin E

It is very essential for the skin and to treat sunken eyes, you can make use of almond oil which is high in Vitamin E content.  Apply 1 teaspoon of this oil on the eyes and around the area before you go to bed and let it stay overnight. Wash in the morning for a healthy glow and toning of the skin near the eyes.


Cucumbers are known for the cooling effect they provide to the skin and one way to treat sunken eyes is to place cucumber slices on top of them. Not only do cucumbers help to erase tiredness and fatigue from the eyes but also treat dark circles.

Enough Sleep

Another way to make sure that you eliminate the sunken eye condition is to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep is a major reason for this condition and sleeping well regularly can help treat it.

Fish Oil

Apply fish oil topically on the area around the eyes and see the change in the appearance of sunken eyes instantly. Fish oil is high in omega fatty acids which make skin healthy and smooth.


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