Eye Spy – The Eye Make-Up Trends This Summer

When it comes to beauty products, the eye is one of the most important areas of the face. There are a range of creams, gels and powders designed specifically to take good care of the eye itself and there is a vast array of different products available in terms of make-up, from eyeliners to shimmer dust to block colour eye shadows to lash-lengthening mascaras. Here’s our pick of the top summer trends:

This summer eye make-up has experienced something of the Midas touch. From shimmery gold eye shadows through to metallic cream gel colours to liquid gold eyeliner and gold dust powder, going for gold is a major make-up trend this season.

Eye makeup trends

The antithesis to this gold rush trend is the nude-look eye. This involves going au naturel with minimal make-up enlisting, instead, the help of a few shadow erasing, complexion brighteningbeauty tools. Laura Mercier, for example, produces an under eye cream that functions as a skin tone neutraliser and skin brightener. It applies like a concealer though is a rather alarming shade of pale blue. Fear not, this all blends in and melts away leaving you looking fresh and ready for the day.

If you fancy a full on change, you could always investigate the possibility of changing your eye colour altogether, albeit temporarily, through Vision Direct, or another such optical service provider, who provides contact lenses online.

For a dose of Hollywood glamour, nothing beats the high impact look of false eyelashes. Be careful as you buy, however, as certain brands are liable to look a lot more false than others and some may not last you until the end of the night. Engage in a little online field research prior to purchase.

Last but not the least, don’t begrudge money spent on finding a great concealer. There are some beauty products where it is possible to budget buy without noticing any great difference in quality. Unfortunately, when it comes to concealer, you really do get what you pay for. As one of the most important and basic beauty products, used almost everyday by women across the world, this is one in which it is wise to invest.

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