A More Beautiful You: 6 Fabulous Inside-Out Beauty Books

In 2002, Dove surveyed thousands of women around the world on the topic of beauty. Specifically, Dove wanted to know, do women feel beautiful? And if they felt beautiful, Dove then wanted to know if they felt comfortable enough to admit it.

The unhappy truth soon emerged: Just two percent of more than 3,000 women surveyed reported that they felt beautiful. These results, while initially targeted towards improving Dove’s own marketing efforts towards women, have since produced a ripple effect on the international beauty market that includes television shows, books, movies and more.

Beauty: From Outside-In to Inside-Out

As a result of the Dove survey, there is ever more discussion of beauty as an inside-out concept rather than an outside-in image ideal. As such, for students pursuing a human services online degree or a related degree in the health, wellness or medical field, these six books may offer more than just personal insights into what beauty is and means; they may chart your course towards a rewarding career as well!

fabulous inside-out beauty books

“Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation: Revealing a Better and More Beautiful You”

Nigel Barker is perhaps best known today for his role on Tyra Banks’ hit show “America’s Next Top Model.” His new book focuses not on outer beauty, cosmetic secrets or even how to manipulate a camera lens to best effect, but on inner attributes like confidence, humor, honesty and personal uniqueness. He also shares insights from his personal life and his journey through the world of fashion.

“YOU: Being Beautiful” by Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz (Dr. Oz)

Dr. Oz first came to fame as a protégé of Oprah Winfrey. Today he is one of the most respected names in medicine worldwide. In “You: Being Beautiful,” Dr. Oz has compiled the insights of many leaders in the science, beauty and health and wellness industries to investigate just what “beauty” is and how to achieve it. Not surprisingly, this book is chock-full of interesting insights.

“Beauty’s Secret: A Girl’s Discovery of Inner Beauty” by Debra Gano

The name Debra Gano may sound familiar, and it should. Gano was once an international model/actress, and she was very much in the spotlight for her physical beauty. After a near-fatal car accident, Gano decided to abandon her career and devote herself to work to empower girls to value themselves.

In Gano’s book for younger readers (ages nine and up), the main character is a sweet-natured girl named Beauty. Recommended as a wonderful book that moms and daughters can read together, “Beauty’s Secret” has a not-so-secret message: Beauty comes from within, and each time a girl discovers this, the whole world benefits.

Gano is also the founder of Heartlight Girls, a blog devoted to promoting self-esteem in young girls by focusing on inner beauty and rejecting unrealistic images portrayed by media.

“Inner Beauty: Looking, Feeling and Being Your Best Through Traditional Chinese Healing” byZiaolan Zhao

Ziaolan Zhao is a traditional Chinese medicine healer who brings a refreshingly ancient yet modern perspective to the art of achieving inside-out beauty. Throughout her book, Zhao returns again and again to the assertion that health and wellbeing are the true wellsprings of beauty in all its various forms.

She also focuses heavily on preventative beauty secrets, such as helping to preserve skin’s elasticity and assisting the body with rebounding after difficult physical challenges like pregnancy.

“Allure: Confessions of a Beauty Editor” by Linda Wells and Allure Editors

Former Allure magazine beauty editor, Linda Wells, takes readers behind the scenes at one of the top fashion magazines in the world. Her overt premise may have been to give away high-value tips and tricks to look more beautiful on the outside. However, perhaps the most prominent effect of reading this book is to make you realize how much of what today is called “beauty” is really just special effects!

“Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual” by Bobbi Brown

Of course, there is always an occasion when learning the makeup secrets of professionals can be helpful. While it is important to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in your own natural skin, it can be fun to get all made up for an evening too — and Bobbi Brown shows you how in her new makeup manual. Her book is subtitled “From Beginner to Pro,” so rest assured that whether you know a lot, a little or nothing at all about makeup, you will find exactly what you need within its pages.

After reading these six wonderful books, you will likely never look at beauty — or yourself — the same way again.

About the Author: Martha Harvey started her career working as a movie makeup artist. After witnessing the struggles of many female stars to cope with industry beauty standards, she earned herhuman services degree and opened a wellness center.

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