The Unknown Dangers that Come with Facial Hair Removal for Women

Not only men have to take care of their facial hair, facial hair removal for women is also one of those topics that a lot of people talk about. The facial hair in case of women is quite unattractive and it could also change the facial expression, thus causing a low self-confidence.

One of the most well-known solutions for removing the facial hair for women is through using lasers. There are also certain machines that can be used at home, but the truth is that these also could be dangerous for the overall health of the user.


Dangers of women’s facial hair removal with laser

There are numerous different things that could cause the lasers to have side effects, such as the fact that the skin is too dark for the laser that has been used, or the hair color might be too light.

It is also possible that the laser penetrates too deep or the pulse could be too focused or the heat too intense.

The side effects could appear in case of facial hair removal for women also if there is no enough cooling while treating the skin or the surface of the skin isn’t clean enough.

One of the greatest dangers of lasers is that they could reach the eye.

In case the terms have not been properly checked before starting the treatment, the side effects of removing facial hair for women could include redness, pigmentation, scarring, eye injuries and in some cases even blindness.

In case the laser is used around the eyes, it could burn the retina, and the damage caused to the eye could be significant or even permanent. The main problem of facial hair removal for women is the fact that the damage doesn’t cause any pain at the moment when it happens, and both the specialist and the client will know only after it has happened and there is nothing left to do.

Going to the Med Spa

In case you choose to have women’s facial hair removal at a professional place, you will be treated by an experienced technician who is used to working with the laser so close to the eye and he or she is able to hold the laser with steady hands, making no mistakes.

In order to protect your eyes, you will also be given goggles that are laser proof, so in case the laser bean gets close to the eyes, there will be no damage done.

Home use

Some of the laser systems can be used for women’s facial hair removal while others have been created to treat only the other body parts. The machines for women’s facial hair removal that have been created for home use have some special safety features, such as having a pin point tip, that the bean comes from, and so there is no way for the beam to be projected in other areas.

To make facial hair removal for women safer, there is a sensor at the tip that checks the skin color before the laser turns on.


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