Facing Problem With Chapped And Dry Lips? Apply Lip Balm To Soothe Your Lips For Long Duration!

Cold temperatures, dry air, and wind take away moistures from the body due to its drying effect.

Lips are the first sign of dryness because of its very thin skin.

In order to protect the lip skin cells from damage due to hot humid season, lip balms are the best therapy.

Some ingredients like waxes, petroleum jelly, etc helps prevent the loss of moistures from lips and many companies are offering them made of these ingredients.

It is an ointment that will be applied topically on the lips to help keep them moist and relieve dry and chapped lips. Lip gloss and lip stick are also similar to the lip balm, but it has got more of cosmetic properties.Lip Balm

There are many lip balms available in the market, but all of them are not beneficial for the lips. They help to stick the moisture in lips by providing occlusive layer on lip surface. It also guards the sensitive skin of the lips from sun.

Many manufacturers use different ingredients in making different lip balms. They include petroleum jelly, shea butter, menthol, beeswax, camphor, scented products, and different others.

Some manufacturers use avobenzone, octinoxate, and some other sunscreens to prevent damage from sunburn. Also vitamins, salicylic acid, alum, etc will be used in making of these balms.

The lip balm that uses petroleum jelly as major ingredient is not effective for your lips as it gives only temporary relief. Petroleum-based lip balms do not increase the capacity of absorbing moistures of the skin.

The shea butter as a major ingredient of the lip balm is the best alternative to petroleum based lip balm. This will increase the capacity of absorbing moistures by the lip skin cells. Shea butter has proved to be effective in enabling the skin cells to recover the elasticity and hold the moisture.

There are lip balms with ingredients such as camphor, menthol, phenol, etc to decrease the pain and regain the smoothness of the lips. These are called as medicated lip balms. These lip balms sooth the lip skin. There are many more types of balms for lips based on their ingredients.

Most of the balms have some sun protection in them and many companies are manufacturing sun care balm with SPF 4. These balms will help to those people, who spend much time in the sun.

Lip balms mostly come in small containers, which you can apply with the use of finger, and in the form of stick (as lipstick), which you can apply directly on your lips.

One of the famous brands of lip balm in United States is ChapStick. ChapStick offers different varieties. Flavored balms for the lips have become most popular for youngsters. The most popular flavored balms are cherry, mint, and strawberry.

Here are some famous brands of balms. They include Blistex, Burt’s Bees, Bag Balm, Labello, Carmex, Tholene, Verissima, Vaseline, Cinnabon, and many more. It is good to select the lip balm that keeps your lips moist and hydrated for longer period of time.


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