Find More About Nail Disorders!

Nail DisordersAs we all know something abnormal underneath your nails are the nail disorders.

Many people neglect any small sign underneath the nail and make it much more complicated as time goes by.

A proper and well formulated nail care is required in order to avoid any such nail disorders.

Microscopic Plants! Yes it is true that our body is a host for many microorganisms as well as fungi, bacteria and even microscopic plants. This is for your information that microscopic plants living on our skin and on the dead tissue of our hair and nails cause fungal infections thus leading to nail disorders.

The most common symptoms of nail disorders are painful, red swelling of the nails, discoloration or spotting seen on the nails, sometimes may be ridges, pits and scars on nails, lesions also make a matter of concern. Few nail disorders also show brown and black bands on nails.

Why do we get these Nail disorders? The probable reason for the occurrence of nail disorders is by infections, benign or malignant tumors, skin disorders or certain system-wide diseases. Self induced nail disorders are those which are sometimes caused by them selves without any specific reason.

People who are at high risk for these nail disorders have a reason of excessive exposure to water, heat, and humidity, those with genetic predisposition, wearing tight shoes may be one of the reason, even a chemical damage and diabetic condition may be one of the reason for infection leading to nail disorder.

Nail disorders are of various types and origin. For example Bacteria, Fungi are the reasons for the cause of Paronychia infections of the nail fold. Between the natural nail plate and the nail bed, and/or between an artificial nail coating and the natural nail plate occurs the Pseudomonas infection. Fungal or yeast infection which results in Onychomycosis, can invade through a tear in the proximal and lateral nail folds as well as the eponychium.

Claw-type nails that are characterized by a thickened nail plate and are often the result of trauma, this condition is called Onychogryposis. Nail thickening, deformity, and eventually resulting in nail plate loss is Tinea Unguis or ringworm of the nails. As the name suggests Onychatrophia is an atrophy or wasting away of the nail plate which causes it to lose its luster, become smaller and sometimes shed entirely. Injury or disease may account for this irregularity.

Many other nail disorders like the Koilonychia, Melanonychia, Onychorrhexis, Leuconychia, Beau’s Lines, Pterygium, Psoriasis and Brittle Nails are all characterized by different symptoms all together.

So each time you go to the beautician for your new hair style maintenance or get a facial done remember get your nail care done too to avoid any further nail disorders or complications. Keep observing your nails!


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