Would You Go for a Fish Pedicure Treatment?

In many cases this is the only thing that your feet need in order to be in their best shape.

The treatment involves small fish that eat and suck away the damaged and dead skin cells and so your feet will be fresh and smooth.

Information about the pedicure treatment with fish

Until not so long ago this kind of treatment was only available in Asia and a few other countries, such as Turkey. In our days more and more people find out about the benefits of the treatment and now it is available in almost every country of the globe. Spas and salons often offer this treatment.

Fish Pedicure Treatment

Why is the fish pedicure better?

The fish do a better job than the qualified humans because they remove only the dead skin cells and they leave behind the new and smooth skin through gentle action. People can’t be this precise; there is no guarantee that there won’t be any healthy skin removed along with the dead skin.

Full options

The good news about fish pedicure treatment is that the procedure is also available for manicures. It’s interesting to know that there are some special spas that have full body tanks. It doesn’t really matter on which body part you want to use the fish on, you can be sure that the results will be amazing.


There are some people who don’t like the idea of the treatment with fish pedicure because they don’t want to have fish eating their dead skin cells. These fish don’t have teeth and if they didn’t get skin, they would feed on algae. So this is a win-win situation.

After the treatment

After the fish pedicure treatment is done, you will have your feet washed and dried. In the majority of the cases people notice the difference right away, but it is possible that they will need several sessions for noticeable results.


Most probably you have heard that there are some concerns regarding the pedicure process with fish. Nonetheless if you visit a trustworthy salon where the employees take hygiene seriously, you can be sure that there will be no problems.

If you are thinking about the fish pedicure treatment you should know that this might be the perfect gift for a woman that you know or even for your partner if he is into things of this kind


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