Foot Care Tips for your Vacation on the Beaches

Taking care of your feet is essential and this is what we often forget. Even while on a beach holiday, a proper foot regime is important not only because your feet will mostly be in the saline waters and sand; but also it will be exposed most of the times. Taking a full-fledged pedicure luxury while on holiday might always not be possible, thus here are some essential beach foot care tips that you should definitely follow:

foot care tips for your beache vacation

  • It is true that flip flops are the most convenient option available when going to the beaches, but make sure that you apply proper sunscreen on your feet. Feet are the areas we often neglect. Try and keep your feet covered as much as possible. Avoid walking in barefoot as that would expose your skin to the direct rays of the sun and also increase the chances of different kinds of infection. Also avoid walking in barefoot in the pool area and the locker rooms.
  • Carry an extra pair of sneakers with you or carry an extra pair of water shoes, so that you always a dry pair ready with you. Never ever wear wet shoes as that facilitates fungal and bacterial infections that are painful and can ruin your holiday.
  • If you are going for special pedicures like fish ones that are often found at beach side spas, be careful about the water and fish they are using. The water should be clean and not contaminated by other users.

These are the basic foot care routine that you need to follow when you are out on the beaches. Make sure of carrying a foot care bag that should include the following:

  • Bandages for covering minor wounds and cuts
  • Antibiotic creams that can applied on minor skin injuries and wounds
  • Blister pads to protect your skin from blisters
  • Anti inflammatory creams that can be applied in case your feet get swollen.
  • Good quality sunscreen to avoid sun burns.
  • Nail clippers
  • Aloe vera creams to treat sun burns
  • Moisturizer to keep the feet hydrated.

These are some of the basic things you can do in order to ensure the safety of your feet. Choose proper footwear if you have plans to go to any other place apart from the beaches and the flip slops are not meant for anywhere else. Make sure that you buy a comfortable pair, if you have to travel for a long time. You surely do not want to spend your day in the hotel with some kind of foot ailment.

In case of any serious injury, refer to a doctor.


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