How to Take Care of Your Feet In Scorching Summers?

Winter is the time when all of us get busy taking care of our feet as it get damaged to its worst; but did you ever think how your feet would look during summers when its bare most of the time? Just to keep them happy and summer ready, you can follow some simple and homely methods. Summer is the time when you can flaunt your clean and supple feet adorned with fancy sandals, so why not make them as attractive as you are with some simple ways of home pedicure? Here is your step by step ‘summer pedicure’-

summer feet care

  • Take a tub of lukewarm water and soak your feet in the water for about 15 minutes, take a gentle scrubber and scrub your feet thoroughly to take off the dirt. Add few drops of shampoo for better cleansing. This removes the dead skin, smoothen the rough areas and loosens the calluses that develop under the feet.
  • After one wash, change the water in the tub and this time add one teaspoon of shea butter to the warm water. Again soak your feet for 10 minutes, then pat dry your feet with a clean towel.
  • Now it’s time to moisturise and massage your feet with shea butter; apply generously up to the knees and massage the butter well within your feet. Take some sunscreen and apply on your feet uniformly. Yes! Just like your face the feet is also exposed in the sun during summers. To prevent tanning, sunscreen is your solution!
  • Now you can file your nails as per choice and apply nail colour. Bold colours like pink, red, maroon, black, turquoise, green are very much into fashion this summer!

Many people complain of feet swelling during the summers, to get some relief to such swollen and tired feet, soak them in ice water for around 15 minutes before bed time. It not only calms down the foot muscles but also gives you a good night’s sleep. If you have the trouble of cracked heels in winters, be sure they will also continue in summers but might not be as painful as winters – to get relief from this trouble remember to apply foot cream specialised for cracked heels every night. It’s seen that this practise in summer has resolved the problem completely in winters as well.

Another home product that is excellent for foot care during summers is coconut oil. This oil moisturises and makes the skin supple; if you leave the feet well massaged with coconut oil overnight you will see the magic in 3-4 days itself. One more important tip to follow is choosing breathable footwear; our feet sweat as much as the skin thus let it breathe well so that it accumulates less dirt. Shoes and sandals made from mesh fabrics are recommended during summers.

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