Keep Your Feet Beautiful In Spite Of Cold Weather

beautiful-feet-1Feet also require lots of care; therefore here is some advice for healthy feet. The first and the most important thing is to consider the cold weather as an enemy for your feet’s health.

Any harsh temperature damages the skin of the feet. Take a soothing bath and treat your feet with proper oils and bubbles. Moisture the skin and let your feet soak in the bath.

Soak your feet at least 20 minutes, and then go for scrubbing your feet. Many prefer to scrub their feet wet, but you can do it when they are dry.

In case you want to do a wet scrub, use pumice stone, but don’t rub too harsh. The Body Shop’s Pumice Foot Scrub is the right product for a dry scrub.

Sand is a natural exfoliating factor, so walk barefoot on the beach, whenever you can.

Rose petals are also good idea, for they are soothing and moisturizing the skin because when you are done with the scrubbing, it’s time for a moisturizer. In case your skin is too dry, choose a deep moisturizing lotion or a thick cream.


Massage your feet with the moisturizer, for it is good for the bloodstream. Consider different massages with moisturizer at least once in a month, this will keep your feet healthy and smooth.


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