Perfect Pedicure In A Few Simple Steps

pedicureThe perfect pedicure can be done at home in very simple steps. In case you are willing to do it by yourself, just take a look at these useful tips.

First and most important is the milk bath. It might sound a bit odd, but try a milk bath for your feet. This will make your skin smoother and it will allow better pedicure.

The cuticles are also an issue. Remove them softly, but before that always rub your feet with special cuticle oil. The toenail beds will be smoother and you will remove them easily. Exfoliating is an important part of pedicure preparation.

Always perform the exfoliation with a coarse foot scrub. This will remove the calluses off your heels. The pumice stone is also good for the exfoliation.

Moisturize your feet with special cream, if you got any foot mask, it will also help. Prepare your nails as you massage them a bit with a foot cream. Apply a lotion on your nails.

When you start to paint your nails, be extremely careful and try to apply the nail polish first on the center of your nail. Don’t paint the whole nail; just apply three strips – on the center and on the both sides.


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