Products And Techniques That Will Moisturize Your Cracked Feet

dry feetFeet that hurt can make your day very uncomfortable. You may work a job where you are on your feet all day long.

If your feet stay in shoes for a long period of time then you are setting your self up for foot problems such as cracked feet. [Foot care]

Your feet will crack if your body does not perspire and your feet cannot sweat to give your feet moisture.

Cracked feet can sometimes be very painful depending on how severe they are. Bleeding can occur in extreme cases and this could even lead to infections.

Your feet are very important to you and taking good care of them will be a good thing for you to do.

Hydrate Dry Feet

Your body is made up mostly of water and this does include your feet. It is a good idea to keep your body hydrated. You should try to drink water instead of colas, coffee, and other drinks that have caffeine in them.

Water will help you to hydrate your dry feet from within. You can also soak your feet in warm water, dry off with a soft towel and then apply peppermint foot lotion on them. This will hydrate and nourish the skin on your feet.

Moisturize Your Skin

There are several different types of moisturizers on the market that will be able to bring back the moisture into your feet. One such product is Shea butter.

Shea butter is a natural fat that comes from the fruit of a Shea tree. This butter has a moisturizing effect when it comes to dry feet.

Using this butter on a daily basis will leave your feet feeling smooth and soft. Several products on the market today contain Shea butter and are easy to purchase online, at any department store, or at your local neighborhood pharmacy.

Keep In the Moisture

Apply best moisturizer to your feet at night so your feet will have all night to absorb it. It is best if you use socks that will hold in the moisturizer that you have applied to your feet.

You can purchase socks specifically made for this purpose or you could use a pair of white socks that you already have in your sock drawer.

You can remove these socks in the morning and you will see a difference in the softness of your feet. Your feet will feel a lot better. The dryness on your feet will have already started to subside.

Exfoliate Dry Skin

You may need to exfoliate the skin on your feet before you put any moisturizer on them. Use a pumice stone or other product that can accomplish this.

Be careful when scrubbing your feet. Make sure that you scrub gently so as not to tear your skin in any way.

Your feet will come back to life after you have used one or more of these techniques. You will need to continue a regimen of foot moisturizing to keep your dry cracked skin from coming back.


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