The Right Way To Have Beautiful Feet All Summer

beautiful-feetYour legs tend to be the center of attention during summer days and this is why they should always look their best.

Cracked heels, blisters and swollen feet or annoying nail issues can become very troublesome during summer.

Learn how to treat them simply and efficiently so you will always be proud of your feet. Here are some solutions to these problems.

Because of the light and opened summer shoes the skin from your heels is predisposed to crack during summer. The constant contact with the dust causes dehydration and as a result the unpleasant looking heels we all dread.

You can easily prevent this with the constant exfoliation of your heels after every bath or shower with the help of pumice. This way you will remove the dead cells that accumulate on the surface preventing the adequate hydration of the heels.

After the exfoliation process it is better to apply a special heel moisturizer that has a thicker consistence than your regular body lotion.

Make sure that the footwear you use is comfortable and if possible avoid wearing very often shoes with a very thin sole which damage your sensible heels.

The nails of your feet go everyday through a bit of a torment during the hot summer. The peep toe shoes favor dust and bacteria and especially the horrible fungus that takes ages to get rid off.

But have no fear since you can be safe from all those by showing some respect for the natural barrier your nails carry: the cuticles. It is common knowledge that every single time we do our pedicure we remove the cuticles for the sake of esthetics.

What we should know is that they act as a seal protecting the nail and once removed the nails become exposed to the infection. So be prepared to use one of the so many nail products meant to reduce the cuticles and give up the aggressive methods of removal.

Swollen feet is a phenomena very common for the summer due to the heat, the water retaining, the miles we walk in the sun and the so many more other reasons we all know.

This common problem can become a pain during summer especially because we seldom take the time to relax just our feet.

The best remedy for this problem is actually the simplest one. Taking the time to pay attention and resting our feet every evening by keeping them on a more elevated position than the rest of our body is a very good move.

Just keep in mind that the simplest ideas are usually the most effective and you will have beautiful feet all summer long.


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