6 Best Tips to Take Care of Foot Tattoo?

The uneasiness involved in having a tattoo drawn on your body is not limited to enduring the pain while puncturing your skin; it lasts for the following three or four weeks until the wound is healed. Special care is to be ensured during this period for the body art to look good.

When it comes to foot tattoo care it involves a step-by-step process. The following will help you how to systematically treat your foot after getting a tattoo:

tips to take care of foot tattoo

Protection from Bacteria

Extra care should be given to your tattooed foot as they are in constant contact with the ground. Once the tattoo is done, the artist will cover the wound with a bandage to protect it from bacterial infection. After three to four hours remove the bandage and carefully wash the wound with an antibacterial soap. Make sure you do not use any cloth but your hands only. Wash it two or three times daily for the first three days. If the swelling and redness does not subside within four or five days, fix an appointment with your doctor.

Keep the Wound Moisturized

After washing, pat it dry with a paper towel and apply a thinnest layer of moisturizing lotion that your artist recommends in order to prevent it from drying out. A diaper rash cream is the best for this purpose. Do not apply any kind of petroleum-based creams. It is also important to avoid frequent movements for the first two days, try to keep your foot raised and allow the bruise to calm down and heal soon.

Wear Non-Abrasive Foot Covering

Care should be given while selecting a foot covering during the first two-three weeks as this period is very critical. Try going barefoot as far as possible and if you are compelled to wear shoes, cover the wound with a saran wrap and wear clean and soft cotton socks only. Anything abrasive will slow down the process of healing or at the same time fade the ink away. It is better to get your foot ink during your vacation time thereby freeing yourself from the worries of choosing your best footwear.

Drink Enough Amount of Water

It is quite normal for your foot to swell after the tattoo because of water retention and poor blood circulation. Drinking lots of water is the best remedy for this.

Formation of Scabs

On day three or four, the wound normally starts to heal and scabs forms all over it and will lead to itching. Be mindful not to scratch or peel the scabs. Apply the aftercare lotion twice a day until the scabs flake off on their own and it will give relief from itching as well. It will take some more time for the tattoo to look vibrant until another thin layer of dead skin sheds.

Foot tattoo thus requires more care than any other kind since the lines are thin and small it is vulnerable to bacterial infection as your foot is in constant contact with the ground.


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