Get A New Look! Try Bleaching!

bleachingIf you desire to be fairer than you are and want a good complexion, get rid of tanning, make your face more clear and fair, then you have a perfect solution for all your needs.

Simply undergo bleaching for a few minutes and see the difference! Bleaching is a process used to lighten the surface on which it is implemented.

The surface may include skin, hair and others. Bleaching is named according to its usage for example facial bleach, hair bleach and tooth bleaching.

Heard of Hair bleach? This contains H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), which gives off oxygen radicals as it decomposes. Oxygen and chlorine radicals both have comparable bleaching effects.

Various other peroxide yielding chemicals are used as bleaching additives and are commonly used in detergents, toothpastes, and other products. Now you recollect your whitening tooth paste with its ingredient specified as some peroxide, yes these are the chemicals which help in bleaching your teeth.

Whiten your Teeth in a Quick Sitting! Yes these are the slogans you happen to hear or see from the ad world to whiten your teeth. Many people whose teeth has darkened due to smoking, excess coffee drinking or any other reason would like to get back their perfect smile with those sparkling white teeth prefer to go for teeth bleaching and proper dental care. This should any way be performed by a dentist.

Facial and Hair Bleach! This sounds really interesting isn’t it? Yes, as the name suggests this is bleaching of face and hair, helps in clearing your tan, lightening your scars and above all changing your facial hair color merging into the skin.

Keep in mind that process does not remove hair but rather it lightens the hair color. Facial and hair beach are available in three types depending on their composition.

Best Bleach! The home bleach, powder bleach and the cream bleach. The former type as the name suggests can be prepared at home itself. Simply mix two tablespoons of milk powder with enough liquid hydrogen peroxide to make a thick paste.

For very dark and coarse hair, mix in a drop or two of liquid ammonia. As this includes milk powder this is least harmful because of its moisturizing effect without any side effects.

Powder bleach contains a mixture of bleaching powder with liquid hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to form a thick liquid. Cream bleach is the most commonly used as it is available ready made in the market. But friends keep in mind that this type of bleach is the most harmful of all others.

So there you are with all the information you were in search of about bleaching. Before undergoing any bleaching keep in mind the side effects of it and also it is must and should that you need to follow all the steps involved in bleaching process correctly. Any small mistake will lead to complications as the process involves chemicals. Be Careful and Take Care!


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