Get Striking Look To Your Eyes With Eyebrow Piercing!

Eyebrow piercing has become the hottest trend in the fashion world.

Piercing can be done anywhere along the eyebrow or above the eye.

The area surrounding the eye is most obvious and noticeable place for piercing.

So right piercing with right jewelry gives you an attractive look.

Unlike tattoos, eyebrow piercing will not leave any mark on the body and also it is not everlasting.

It is a stinging process in which a great care must be taken during piercing and also in healing process.Eyebrow Piercing

After piercing your eyebrow, it takes 6 to 8 weeks to relieve you from pain. The pain will be extremely little and in manageable limits with piercing.

The most fashionable way of eyebrow piercing is, just beneath the outer corner of the eye. Piercing along the outer bend of the eye is most popular and looks awesome with good makeup and jeweled studs.

Eyebrow piercing can be done in two ways: one is horizontal and the other is vertical. You can choose any one according to your comfort level and the one which suits you. You also have an option to wear a ring or a barbell which can make you look beautiful and trendy.

Here are some essential tips for your eyebrows to be pierced:

Get it done always with a professional. Go for a good salon which is hygienic, good and licensed one. Check whether the piercer is experienced or not. Also check the needles and other equipments used by the piercer are sterilized or not.

Do not experiment eyebrow piercing at your home or do not allow your friends to experiment on you. Always choose an experienced piercer for eyebrow piercing.

Take advice from people who have already made their eye brows pierced, for choosing better salon. Do not prefer any local or unhygienic salons for eyebrow piercing, as the needles used by them may not be sterilized. As a result, several communicable diseases can be injected in your blood.

Do not move when your eyebrow is being pierced because the procedure involved in eyebrow piercing is very crucial. First the area where you want to pierce is clamped, and then a needle is inserted to make a hole.

The jewelry is then inserted into the hole. So, it is very essential for you to stay completely at rest.

Prefer jewels made with hypoallergenic metals like steel, niobium or titanium which can easily inert in your body.

If you find any allergenic reactions like swelling, redness, or any pain around the pierced area then immediately seek medical advice.

Apply a small amount of lavender oil dipped in a cotton ball around the hole, which helps to heal the wound quickly. Remove if any excess oil is remaining around the wound. It may cause irritation on your skin.

Sleep on the other side of the piercing and keep your pillow cases and bed sheets clean because the dust deposited on them can cause infections to your skin.

To avoid complications in eyebrow piercing, follow these tips and give your eyes a striking and attractive look.


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