Give Your Nails A Stylish And Beautiful Look Using Artificial Nails!

The latest and popular trend of artificial nails has allowed every woman to make their nails pretty and good looking. Artificial nails are more strong and durable than the natural nails.

Because of its strongness, these nails break very rarely. Also, the nail polish on the artificial nails remains for a longer time and doesn’t peel easily.

If you are new to artificial nails, selecting the right one is a little confusion. So, understand the types of artificial nails, its advantages and disadvantages before you make a selection.Artificial nails

Artificial fingernails come in wide varieties. The most popular and widely used artificial nails are Sculptured nails, Acrylic nails, Gel nails and Nail wraps nails.

Sculptured Nails: These nails can be applied to your natural fingernail with the help of an acrylic or gel. It is then lengthened and shaped over metal to create the desired look. These artificial nails are more durable and usually last longer than other types. However, these nails need to be filled in recurrently so as to maintain a natural look.

Acrylic Nails: These artificial fingernails are generally prepared using a mixture of polymer (a powdered acrylic product) and monomer (a liquid acrylic product). These artificial nails are little expensive. This mixture hardens the artificial nail to the natural nail within a few minutes. An acrylic brush is used for the application of artificial fingernail to the real nail.

These nails are more thick and strong of all artificial fingernails. If these nails are applied imperfectly, it can provide a thick and ersatz look. It must also be filled in regularly for every fifteen days, depending on your nail growth.

Gel Nails: As its name suggests, these nails are made of gel. Usually, a light cured gel having pre-mixed polymers and monomers is used. To set these nails, your natural nails are shaped using a Mylar form.

The gel is then set under an ultraviolet light. These nails give a more natural look than acrylic nails and need to be filled in rarely. The strongness and durability of these nails are less than other artificial nails.

Wrap Nails: These artificial nails are often used to strengthen and protect natural finger nails from breaking. Linen, silk, and fiberglass are the main forms of wrap nails. The process of wrap nails application includes cutting the wrap nail into a desired shape and sticking it to the natural nail.

The wraps are thin, soft and very light weighted. These nails give more natural look to the nails than other artificial nails. As the wrap nails are the softest artificial nails, these are less durable of the artificial nails.

Tips For Artificial Nails

  • As with the natural nails, the artificial nails also grow. So, while selecting an artificial nail, prefer a slightly shorter length nail than your need.
  • To remove nail polish on the artificial nails, use only non-acetone nail removers. Avoid using acetone nail remover, as it eats your nails quickly and easily.
  • Artificial nails can lift at times. So, always keep a nail glue bottle with you to fill the crack as soon as it lifts.


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