Go For French Pedicure To Make Your Feet More Beautiful!

As a woman your nature will be in such away that you will feel to look more beautiful than others.

Women with beautiful looks will be praised always. In order to maintain beauty, you should take care of each and every part of your body.

In order to achieve beautifulness you should take care of your personality, skin, eyes, lips, hands, feet etc.

French pedicure is a process in which you can able to learn how to keep your feet attractive to get beautiful look.

It is a simple and easy process which can be done by your own. It will not consume lot of your time.French Pedicure

This process will be done in particular procedure. There are various steps involved in this procedure.

All you have to need for this is Luke warm water, Epsom salt, pumice stone, cuticle trimmer, cotton or cotton balls, white nail polish, and concealer brush dipped in acetone.

French pedicure will be done in the following steps:

  1. In the first step you have to take Luke warm water by adding Epsom salt in that water. Now soak your feet in that water. Epsom salt will make your feet soft.
  2. In order to make your feet soft and nice, rub off rough spots on your feet using a pumice stone.
  3. Now take a cuticle trimmer and cut off the dead skin around your toe nails. You should be careful while cutting off the dead skin. You should not cut too deep.
  4. Rise your feet from water and apply a rich lotion to your feet and again dip the feet in Luke warm water for few minutes.
  5. Take a cotton ball with nail polish remover. Now remove your nail polish from your toe nails.
  6. Now take a white nail polish to paint the tips of each toe nail. Let it dry for some time and then apply the second coat for not getting splotchy look. Don’t worry if it looks messy. It will get fix in the next step.
  7. In this step you should take a make-up concealer brush and dip this brush in 100% acetone. Remove the excess acetone using a tissue or paper towel.
  8. Now remove the excess white nail polish using the brush. You should remove your nail polish until you create a thin, straight line. You have to perform this task slowly and you should be careful not to make it crooked.

By following the above steps you can do french pedicure by yourself. It is the easy process to make your feet beautiful. If you are unable to workout with white nail polish then go for white nail polish pens. These white nail polish pens are latest arrivals in the market.

These pens will reduce the burden of removing the white nail polish until you get thin and straight line. You can draw a thin straight line at the corners of your nails with these white nail polish pens.


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