Growing Older yet Looking Fantastic – How Do Celebrities Do It?

A lot of people can see that although the celebrities are growing older, they seem to look younger. This is why you may start thinking how they manage. Remember that each celebrity has her own trick, but it is possible that you could use these tricks as well.

1. Cindy Crawford

After she gave birth she wanted to get her old silhouette back, and for this she used The Zone diet. The main point is that you can have plenty of food and to have a lot of energy.

According to this, your diet should have 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 30% fat. She admitted that she has been snacking two times per day.

Kylie Minogue

2. Sarah Jessica Parker

She finds the beauty of her skin very important, and this is why she never leaves the house without applying some sunscreen.

We all know that we should have sunscreen on the sunny days, but don’t forget that the sun could be causing damages on the cloudy days as well.

Besides her sunscreen, the actress also makes sure to apply moisturizer and to drink plenty of water.

3. Helen Mirren

Although she is already 66, she beats a lot of celebrities of her age at the beauty section. She says that her beauty regime is quite low maintenance. It all resumes to plenty of rest. She said that when she is working on a film, she goes straight home after work and goes to bed; she doesn’t go to a restaurant, to a party or to a bar.

Even more, she is trying to have some rest in the afternoon as well, in her trailer. She finds sleeping very important, and its importance increases as people get older.

4. Julia Roberts

She knows that the hands can give away the age of women, and this is why she thinks that it is important to take care of them.

Still she doesn’t spend a fortune on products, but she soaks her hands in olive oil for about 10 minutes.

This promotes nail growth and makes the cuticles softer so that doing her manicure becomes easier.

5. Kylie Minogue

She shocked the entire world when she said that her secret lies in using Pond’s cream cleanser. It is a classic; so classic that your mother could have used it and it is also inexpensive but it makes all the difference. Maybe we should all try it to look as youthful as she does.

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