Bikini Wax – Truth About the Painful Adventure

The bikini wax is no longer a taboo topic and nowadays there are even different types of it offered by beauty salons all over the world. The most common types of bikini wax are regular, French, full and Brazilian.

It goes without saying that with the warm season approaching the temptation of getting a bikini wax is something all women are making the courage to try. It is common knowledge that the procedure is quite painful; so before you decide to embark on it, you should follow certain steps. Taking care of your skin after is also very important.

Make sure you choose to have the procedure between two menstruations avoiding the last days before it and the first days after it when your pain resistance is low. Exfoliate the skin on the day you are going to have the bikini wax, and also a day before. Do not use any type of lotion or moisturizer in the area because it really helps to keep the area clean and dry.


The pubic hair must not be longer than 2 centimeters so make sure you shave it a few days before the waxing or cut it with a small scissors.

If you are wondering whether you should do the procedure yourself or go to a salon, the latter is the wise option.

Leaving the pain (that most likely will make you give up if you are doing it yourself) aside, a proper salon will make the procedure easier, faster and safer.

Still, you better choose one that has recommendation from other women.

bikini-waxIn order for the pain to be minimum, bikini waxing has to be done by somebody who knows what she is doing.

If you are nervous about the pain, take an aspirin or an Ibuprofen pill before the procedure.

After you are done with the “torture”, the real work begins. Considering that after your mouth, this is the most sensitive area of your body, it figures that the procedure will leave the skin red and irritated.

In order to avoid folliculitis (the infection of the roots causing pimple-like pustules), it is wise to apply a soothing solution immediately after the procedure. To prevent the hair growing under the skin make sure you exfoliate the area for a few days.

The day you had the bikini wax, do not touch the area with your hands, do not have hot baths, and wear comfortable cotton underwear. This way, the irritation will go away faster.

Normally the bikini wax lasts around 2-3 weeks, and after a few sessions you will only have to have it on the interval of one or even two months.


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