Careful And Effective Use Of Home Persian Waxing

There are various methods of removing unwanted body hair including shaving, electrolysis and even epilation.

One of the most popular ways, because it is both cheap and easy to do at home, is waxing.

Often the choice of body hair removal depends on the individual pain threshold, shaving is pain free but re-growth is very quick, waxing can be painful but not for very long and the effects will last for up to a month.

Body waxing works by spreading a thin layer of the chosen product over the area where hair is to be removed.waxing

Then by using a strip of cloth, it is firstly pressed onto the wax and then very quickly ripped away bringing all the hair with it. At the same time any dead cells of skin come away too, leaving a silky smooth finish.

There is hot and cold wax, the latter is sometimes known as Persian waxing. With the hot wax it is heated up to the temperature of the body making it very easy to apply and with the cold most products are pre-waxed strips.

Anyone with varicose veins or who suffers from poor blood circulation is advised to avoid wax treatments as there is a risk from infection. Manufacturers always recommend a test area to ensure that there is no adverse reaction to their particular product.

Certain areas of the body should not be treated for wax hair removal and these include nipples, the interior of the ears, male genitals, eye lashes and the nose.

It is also advisable not to use it on infected skin or an area containing moles or pimples. If you have sunburn wait until this has fully healed before you apply either hot or cold wax.

The rate at which hair grows back often depends on the individual, for some it will be up to two months but for others it will be quicker. Generally speaking hair is not as coarse as it is after shaving. Consistent waxing will sometimes results in no hair growing back at all.

A good tip to make waxing easy is to do it after a shower or bath when the skin is softer and the hair should come out more easily. Another thing to try, immediately after you have pulled off the strip is apply pressure to the waxed area for several minutes to minimize any discomfort.

People that use certain products should definitely avoid waxing off facial hair. They are Accutane, Differin, Renova-A and Retin-A, the reason for this is that the aforementioned items can lead to weaker skin and ripping off the wax strips could rip the skin.


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