Electrolysis Hair Removal – The Good, the Bad and the Truth

In case you are looking for permanently getting rid of the unwanted hair, you should be thinking about electrolysis hair removal since this is the only one that has been approved by the FDA as permanent hair removal.

In order to achieve the desired results, you should have several sessions, and even so permanent hair removal isn’t guaranteed for everyone.

electrolysis-hair-removalThe way the hair removal through electrolysis works

There is a very thin sterile needle or electrode inserted into each and every hair follicle that delivers and electric shock and so it destroys the root of the hair making impossible for it to re-grow.

There are three main types of electrolysis hair removal: thermolysis, galvanic and blend.

There are different stages of hair growth: growing, resting and shedding.

Since not all of the hair is in the same stage at the moment of hair removal through electrolysis, there is need for several sessions in order to get all of the hair in the growing phase for the electrolysis to be as effective as possible.

From this point of view electrolysis is similar to laser hair removal.

Advantages of the procedure

Removing hair through electrolysis has the best track record of all the methods. This could also mean that it is better than any other hair removal process and the best thing about it is that it offers long term results, and in some cases the results are even permanent.

Another really good thing about electrolysis hair removal is that there are no real limitations regarding skin tone and hair color. The method doesn’t target the hair pigment, like laser does, instead it targets the follicle itself. This means that hair removal through electrolysis is suitable for those people that aren’t suitable candidates for laser hair removal.


In case the hair follicles are bent, it is more difficult to remove the hair through electrolysis. This could happen as a result of previous waxing or tweezing and it means that it is difficult to get the needle to the root of the hair to destroy the follicle.

As it has been mentioned before, there is need for several treatments. You need true commitment, because you might need 15-30 sessions, and this may take a lot of time.

Also the procedure is quite pricy because one session costs about $45, and if you multiply that by 30, the sum that you will get could scare you off from having the procedure. In case the electrolysis is improperly done, it is possible for the skin to get discolored.

When talking about disadvantages, we also have to take into consideration the pain factor. We all have a certain tolerance towards pain. The feelings that you will have include stinging and pricking, and you have to think about the fact that each follicle has to go through this.

All in all, electrolysis hair removal is a really effective one, but you should consider the disadvantages as well before agreeing to the procedure.


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