Hair Removal: Dos and Don’ts

Hair removal is a technique through which a person may remove the unwanted hair from the skin. Hair can be removed from the legs, the arms, the underarms, the face and other body parts. While most women use a disposable razor to do so, others may go for regular waxing sessions to remove hair from all over their bodies. But in our endeavor to get those nasty looking hair from our bodies, we often forget to take care of several points. For your reference and help, here are a few hair removal dos and don’ts:

Dos of Hair Removal

  • One of the points that you must do in order to get hair off using wax is to let hair grow to a certain length first. Hair should be about ¼ of an inch before it must be removed through waxing. If you are going to remove hair from a shaver, then you must wait for about 2 weeks before hair grows to that length.
  • You must remember to take care of the cuts and wounds when you go for hair removal. Waxing may not necessarily cause any cuts but may make them worse. It will also leave a sensation of pain and thus you will need to be extra careful.
  • If you wish to avail the best benefits of hair removal through waxing, remember to open the pores of the skin. This can be done through the method of using warm water. So try taking a warm bath before you get waxing done.
  • Avoid heat for about 2 days after hair removal as hair less skin is more prone to feeling the heat and even getting burnt.

Don’ts of Hair Removal

  • Do not use any moisturizing cream, lotions or body creams on the part of the skin where you wish to remove hair from for atleast 1 day before the hair removal session. Waxing works best on dry and clean skin.
  • Avoid the sunrays or anything hot after getting hair removal done. The sun can damage your skin and you must not step out in it without an umbrella or full clothes.
  • Do not use disposable razors that have been used before so that you can check the hygiene part of hair removal through razors. Try using new blades or new razors altogether each time you do it.
  • Do not use any perfume or deodorant on the underarms if you have just waxed them or used a razor for hair removal.


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