The Delicate Areas of the Body and Hair Removal for Women

Hair removal for women might not be as easy as you may think. There are numerous products that are suitable for certain body parts, but in case you are thinking about getting rid of the unwanted hair insensitive areas, there are some special methods to be used.

If you don’t want to see a professional for women’s hair removal then there are some methods that you could try at home.


Using a razor to shave the area is the easiest and cheapest way to do it. In case the hair is long and thick, first you could trim it with scissors and then shave it, to make shaving easier.

In case you would like to have women’s hair removal from the delicate parts of the body, you should make sure that you use plenty of water or shaving cream or that you are shaving under the shower in order to avoid irritations.

If you happen to have a tendency for ingrown hair, you should be shaving in the direction of hair growth.

Nonetheless this type of hair removal for women could cause irritation to the skin and having ingrown hair is always possible, so this method could not be perfect for everybody.

Using depilatory cream for women’s hair removal

These are special products and some of them have been especially created for the bikini line or the underarms. Some of the depilatory creams could be harsh, and this is why you should test them first on your wrist to make sure that your body doesn’t have any reaction to them.

There might be some irritation after using this type of hair removal for women and this is why the majority of the products come with smoothing cream or oil to be applied after hair removal.


In this case you just have to apply the liquid wax or the wax strips over the desired area and then with a fast movement pull off the wax, removing the hair. In this case also you have to make sure that the wax has been created for women’s hair removal in the area that you are going to use it on.

If you feel like you can’t do it on your own, you can always go to a salon and have a professional do it for you. The skin could get irritated after waxing and a cool compress could help if this happens.

Laser hair removal or electrolysis

This is the way to do it if you would like long-term or permanent hair removal options for women. The disadvantage of the methods is that they are expensive and they don’t work out for everybody. In case of the laser, it destroys the follicle of the hair, while electrolysis delivers an electric shock to the root of every hair that will prevent the hair from growing back.

During the treatment the aesthetician will tell you about the care you need after women’s hair removal.

The process of hair removal for women applied in delicate areas of the female body doesn’t necessarily have to be painful or uncomfortable due to today’s available technologies.


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