Top Laser Hair Removal Machines in Current Cosmetics

More and more people are looking for permanent methods of getting rid of the unwanted hair and this is why there are more and more hair removal machines on the market. Some of them are easy to buy, while others are available only to experts. Home laser machines are also available for home use, but the professionals are using heavy duty type machines.

Intense Pulsed Light

This machine for hair removal is also known as IPL and it is considered to be one of the most advancedlaser machines at the moment. The advantage is that is can treat both white and black skin type without any burning.

hair-removal-machinesNonetheless the results may not be permanent, because it doesn’t destroy the hair follicles, as any other hair removal machine does.

Still the use of this machine is cost effective.

YAG machines for hair removal

The main point of this machine is that it emits a light that penetrates the skin. It is working through killing the hair follicles without causing any damage to the skin.

This machine works in case of every skin, even on tanned skin, that the other machines can’t work with.

Although it seems to be just perfect, the results may not always be permanent and it is also possible for the machine to cause burns, redness, scars and also skin discoloration.

Diode laser

This machine for hair removal produces a longer wavelength laser that is more suitable for the dark skinned people and also the penetration of the skin is safer this way. Just like any other kind of the hair removal machines this also can cause burns, skin discoloration, scars and also redness.

Some professionals also associate urticaria with the use of this machine.

Alexandrite laser

In case you are looking for fast machines for hair removal, this is what you have been looking for. This machine could also be efficiently used in case of large surface body areas. Nonetheless there are some disadvantages as well, like the fact that it offers short-term results and it is used in case of light-skinned people because it causes pigmentary changes.

Ruby laser

This is considered to be the one of the original hair removal machines. The advantage of it is that it offers long-term and painless results. The hair that regrows will be finer and thinner, but still it is old technology, and it is only suitable for people with fair skin and dark hair.

The main point of these machines for hair removal is to help you get rid of all the unwanted hair. You should know that the home machines are just as effective as the ones used in salons and so in case you would like to do things on your own in the intimacy of your home, you also have this possibility.

In the end all the hair removal machines work using the same principles, but their effects vary based on the technology used, and the newer the machine is, the better the results will be.


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