Factors That Determine Laser Hair Removal Outcome

Laser Hair Removal is a long term hair removal solution that can work for a number of us. It is a system of hair removal that uses concentrated light beams or lasers to render skin hairless by reducing the overall hair growth as well as the diameter or thickness of each hair shaft.

laser-hair-removalHowever the success of the laser treatment is dependent upon several different factors:

Skin Color

A person with light skin is known to be the best candidate for laser hair removal. Medium skin types may sometimes need more numbers of treatments than fairer skins.

Darker skins typically need very highly experienced technicians to get results and even then may run the risk of some scarring.

Hair Type

Dark hair responds best to laser hair treatment because it absorbs the laser light best. Gray hair, blonde or red hair may display less than optimal results and may need more sessions. Also hair type is important. Coarse hair will respond better to the laser treatment than fine hair.

Lighter and finer hair will likely need more actual treatments and time and money, with gray hair perhaps responding not at all to the procedure.

Hair Cycle

Each hair is at a particular stage in its growth cycle at any given time. So while a given hair shaft is in its growth cycle stage, the laser treatment will work on it, and diminish or even eliminate its growth.

However the hair that were at the time in their dormant stage will not respond to the treatment, and a further treatment when it is once again in its growth stage, will have to be performed.

For this reason, typically two or more laser hair removal treatments have to be performed for a given area of skin before full and optimal results are achieved.

Type of Equipment Used

Wavelength is an important determinant for laser treatment efficacy. The types of machines that are most effective may be used safely only for light skin. Other machines are effective for medium skin but may overall not be that effective for reduction of hair.

The pulse width that the machine uses is also a determining factor. The longer pulse width is better for dark skin.

Other Factors

Certain external factors can also impact how well a laser treatment will work.

  • If a person has a lot of scar tissue as result of injury or other reason, then the laser will not work very well.
  • Skin that is tanned will also not be suitable, and the laser will not be able to penetrate the skin as well due to the pigmentation.
  • Skin infections such as herpes and so on will not render skin suitable for laser treatments.
  • Certain medications such as medical treatments prescribed for acne, may mean that a person should not have the laser hair removal treatment or that they have to wait for a considerable period of time after that treatment is stopped before trying out the laser.

The important thing is to determine the efficacy of laser treatment given your physical characteristics, by getting an expert to give a professional assessment.

Remember to mention any medications you are on or have been taking in the past, and also ask about any possible side effects.


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