The Pain Chart for Back Hair Removal

For a long time it has been considered that hair removal is a thing for women. Nonetheless more and more men are thinking about back hair removal or getting the hair removed from other body parts. There are several different methods to achieve smooth skin, and you just have to choose which one is more suitable for you.

Removing the hair from the back through laser treatment is one of the most reliable options not to mention that it is the last painful method. The main point of the laser treatment is that it kills the hair root. It doesn’t kill the follicle (where the hair grows from), so it might be possible for the hair to grow back, but that it highly unlikely.

Back Hair Removal

All this means that the results of the laser treatment last for a long period of time.

Every treatment for the removal of back hair lasts for about 30 minutes and there could be need for up to 8 sessions.

This method can be used to remove the hair from the back, stomach, chest, genital area and shoulders. The lasers work best on fair skinand dark hair; the method doesn’t work with blonde or white hair.

Every back hair removal treatment costs about $400-500, but the advantage is that as soon as the treatments are over, the results are almost permanent.

Still, there might be need for annual or biannual touch-ups.

The majority of the men need five to seven treatments, and the truth is that as men age, more and more hair grows, especially on the back and upper shoulder areas.

Waxing is more painful than laser hair removal but still any guy can handle the pain.

Those days are over when the wax was sticking to everything. Nowadays the professionals areremoving the back hair with a special kind of wax that sticks only to the hair and to the cloth that is going to rip it off. The time period could vary according to the area that is being waxed, but it is possible to get everything over with in just about 10 minutes.

Waxing can be used for just about any body part, including the brows, ears, neck, underarms, arms and legs. Back hair removal through waxing is quite inexpensive, of about $10-70, depending on the area and the results last for about 6 weeks.

In case you are getting waxed for the first time, you should find a professional salon. If you would like afull body wax, you should check the salon first, because not all of them do it.

Electrolysis is perhaps the most painful option for removing back hair, however the result are permanent. Removing the back hair with electrolysis isn’t as easy as it seems. There is a slim needle inserted into the follicle that delivers a tiny electric shock and they kill the follicle so hair growth becomes impossible.

In case of removal of back hair the entire process could take up to a year, while having weekly treatments. All this because of the fact that the area is big. Also you need to know that every treatment costs about $40, but the advantage of this kind of removal of back hair is that it is permanent.

Because of the length of the treatment there are few people that choose this method for back hair removal.


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