Top Pros and Cons of Using Epilator for Hair Removal

Epilators are a kind of a hair removal method which is increasingly becoming popular these days as the alternative to waxing and other hair removal creams and products.  It is basically a device which removes the hair from its roots through the small ceramic tweezers that are inside it.

The result is smooth and soft skin. While it is true that waxing is still the most preferred way to remove hair but even epilators are becoming popular these days. But like any other thing, epilators too can have their pros and cons, the list of which is given below:

pros and cons of using epilator for hair removal

Pros of Using Epilators

Long Lasting

One of the major advantage of using epilators is that they are very long lasting as compared to shavers and other such hair removal things.


Another reason why epilators are amazing is because they are not as expensive as waxing or other forms of hair removal methods like creams etc. This is a one-time investment which can be used for a long time and you do not need to spend again and again. They are extremely cheap to purchase and thus help you save a lot

Makes Hair Growth Thinner

Another pro associated with epilators is that when you use them, the hair that tends to grow are thinner and thus this makes hair growth thinner over a period of time.

Can use them in Emergency Situations

Another positive point associated with an epilatoris that it can be your rescue machine in times of emergency situations. This means that if you have to go to a party on short notice and can’t go for waxing, then you can use the epilator and you are sorted!

Cons of Using Epilators

It isn’t the Perfect Method

One of the main negatives associated with using an epilator is the fact that it isn’t the perfect method of hair removal. This means that waxing is still the best way to remove hair.

Ingrown Hair

Another reason why epilators may not be such a great option is that they can still leave behind ingrown hair and may not remove them effectively. This is not the case in waxing and shaving.


While some epilators do not cause any pain at all but most of them may cause pain and this is yet another negative point associated with use of epilators. You may get used to the pain after some time but it still remains the reason why many women prefer waxing.

First Sessions may take Time

Another disadvantage associated with the use of epilators is that the first few sessions may take you time due to lack of expertise that you have. If you are waxing your legs after 2 weeks, then it can take upto 40 minutes to remove all the hair and this may make some women feel extremely lazy.

So now that you know both the pros and cons of using epilators, which method are you going to select to remove hair? Waxing, shaving, epilators or something else?


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