Shaving Tips for Arms, Legs and Down There!

Shaving is a quick, cheap and convenient option for hair removal, whether it is for the boys or for girls. However shaving is a short term solution that has the hair starting to grow back almost immediately and which also presents the problem of ingrown hair etc.

So here are some dos and don’ts regarding shaving in order to minimize discomfort and help you get the closest shave possible:

Shaving-TipsTips for shaving arms and legs

Firstly get a good quality razor – one that is two or more blades and possibly a moisturizing strip as well. Look for a ladies razor with a pivoting head that will help follow the contours of the limbs properly. Change razors or blades regularly.

Shave at the end of the day when the skin is least likely to be puffy. Shave against the direction of hair growth. Do not dry shave because this will chafe at the skin or cause rashes and is most likely to give you ingrown hairs. So moisten the skin first and lather using shaving gel or cream.

Be particularly careful about shaving the knees, elbows and ankles because the shape of those joints increases chances of nicks and cuts.

Tips for shaving down there

For a lot of women shaving down there can be a no-no because it produces rashes, ingrown hairs and pain each time. This is because the skin here is extra sensitive and the hair is thicker and coarser than those of the arms and legs.

To begin with, trim the hair using scissors and make sure you remove as much of the hair as possible by cutting. This means that there is less hair likely to get stuck in the razor and less hair that needs shaving.

Take a bath or a warm shower before shaving to help soften the skin and relax the hair follicle. Use some shaving oil prior to shaving; to help soften and smooth the skin. Then, using a good quality razor (pivoting head and multiple blades with a moisture strip are best) apply shaving cream or gel (an unscented one is least likely to cause rashes) shave in the direction of the hair growth. Use a small hand held mirror for this.

Remember to rinse out the blade in-between strokes so as not to clog the blades. Rinse the area gently but thoroughly and then don’t forget to moisturize the entire area preferably with unscented lotion or cream. Consider specific products for preventing ingrown hairs, redness and rashes.


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