Shaving Tips For The Modern Man

It is very common practice today for a man to not only shave his face but also other parts of his body. Some men prefer to be clean-shaven all over.

You may fall into this category. There are times when hair can be very irritating for a man. Some men are genetically pre disposed to have very hairy bodies.

You may not like having bushy hair on your chest or have it growing on your back. It may feel like people are talking about you when you take your shirt off and having the hair can make you very embarrassed. Many men feel this way so you do not have to feel alone.shaving tips

Shaving in the Past

In many years past, a man had to use a straight razor to shave his face. You will not want to use a straight razor because it is a little dangerous and rough on your face. Shaving cream came from a bar of soap. You would use a wet soft bristle brush to apply the soap.

It is a lot easier to shave your face today than it was back then. Razors and shaving cream have come a long way. Manufacturers have shaving down to a science. You have many more options of shaving tools to choose from today. You can purchase these tools at any department store or pharmacy.

Removing Hair from Your Face

One of the main things you will want to do before shaving your face is to prepare it. You will want to get your water as hot as you can stand it without burning yourself. Use a washcloth to apply the hot water to your face and let stand a few seconds.

Remove your washcloth and lather your face with your favorite shaving cream or gel. Lathering your face hair will help the hairs to stand up and it brings out the oils in your skin, which makes it easier to shave.

Hair does not grow in only one direction on your face. You will need to feel your face and see what direction your hair is growing to get an affective cut. It is a good idea to rinse your razor often to remove built up hair and shaving cream while you shave.

Usually shaving with up strokes is best. Once you have shaven, wash your face off with warm water and apply a moisturizer to your face to soothe it.

Shaving Other Areas

If you are considering shaving other parts of your body then you may need some help. It will be a little hard for you to see and to be able to reach every area on your back. You have two options of removing hair from your back. You can either have it shaved or waxed.

Shaving is the less painful of the two. You can go to a salon to have back hair removed if you do not have a significant other to help you. Other areas of the body should be easy for you to shave or wax because they are easier to reach.

You will need to be more careful if you are shaving a private area so as not to damage any blood vessels or skin.

Removing hair is not hard to do if you follow the steps correctly.


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