The Best Procedures For Pubic Shaving

Shaving or plucking is easy enough on the face, the legs and even the underarm region because these places are easy to see and very straightforward.

However the pubic region is much harder and ideally better done by your partner.

Like all types of shaving once you start it is very difficult to then stop, the re-growth will be very coarse so it will hence forth need very regular attention.

This can be a big commitment so take the time to consider if a close shave is really exactly what you want.razor

It is better to first trim the hairs before using a blade which will be pretty ineffectual against a mass of coarse curly hair anyway. Make sure the scissors are sharp just like the blade you will be using.

It is advisable to take a hot shower before shaving as this will firstly make sure that everything is nice and clean but also soften the hair making it much easier to work with.

Choosing a razor is vitally important, a disposable may be ok for leg and underarms but for this region a good quality blade will be much better.

There are plenty of products specifically designed for females and in particular this area, including foams and creams. Get recommendations from friends or read reviews to find out what is best on the market.

Always shave when you have plenty of time, as rushing always leads to potential nicks, or an ineffective job. Do not cut against the hair growth as this may cause hairs to in grow which can be very sore.


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