Tired of Getting Waxed by Someone Else? 5 Tips to do it at Home

Waxing is something which is essential to remain clean and look good. A body with lots of hair pleases no one and we also don’t feel good till we get rid of those extra hair. But getting waxed every month becomes a task for which you need to head to a parlor and take a whole day off just for self-cleaning. At times it even becomes impossible to get waxed due to hectic work schedules.

It also feels awkward to go to someone to get rid of our body’s uncleanliness. Sometimes the situations get stroppy while waxing at some places. At times the one who is performing the task is not very cooperative and ends up being very harsh on our skin. So why not do it ourselves and treat our body in a better way instead of going to someone else? Here are 5 awesome tips to help you get waxed on your own at your home:

Tired of Getting Waxed by Someone Else? 5 Tips to do it at Home


  • Get all the items required for waxing

Before starting on your own you need to make sure that you have all the essential items that the process of waxing needs. You must buy everything like waxing strips, wax, cooling lotion, astringent, powder and any medicinal cream or Aloe Vera gel to apply if you burn yourself by mistake.

  • Make sure of the hair growth

Before waxing you must make sure that the hair to be waxed is grown to a proper length and can be waxed conveniently. Often there are under grown hair in armpit areas which are tough to wax and as a result you get a patchy skin. So make sure that your hair is neither too long nor too short.

  • Exfoliate well and prep up your skin

Exfoliating the skin before waxing opens up the pores and hair follicles, making sure that all the hair comes out easily. The ingrown hair is mostly on legs and hence exfoliating can help reducing the pain while waxing them. You must also make your mind up that waxing is going to hurt. So prep your skin well in order to reduce the pain as much as possible.

  • No humidity

Humidity makes the process of waxing more dreadful. That’s why all the good waxing salons have air conditioners to curb the humidity in air and provide a suitable environment for waxing. You must that wax your body parts in a place which has no humidity whatsoever. If possible wax in an air conditioned room and avoid warm places or places that can lead you to sweat at any cost.

  • Check the wax temperature and direction of waxing

You must check the temperature of wax before waxing. It must not be too cool or too hot so as to burn your skin. Make sure the temperature is just right for your skin. Also, you need to take care of the direction in which you are pulling off the strips. The direction matters the most for proper hair removal.

So here was all the knowledge you needed to wax on your own. Now go and get you work done without sweating much!


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