Top Hair Removal Tips For A Free Summer Skin

The summer season is already here. Take care of your beauty and prepare yourself for the beach, as you remove the hair off your body. Start with your eyebrows, where you have two opportunities – to tweeze them or to wax them.

Tweezing the eyebrows is a good old method, but if you choose it, always choose where you would want your eyebrows to begin, what shape you will want and mark the line with a white pencil. This way you will give a perfect shape to your eyebrows. Waxing is always good, but never do it by yourself.

Women often complain about the moustache on their upper lip. In case you want to get rid of it at least for a year, go for laser procedures. The salvation for few weeks is waxing.

One of the best waxes, which will surely not burn your face, is the GiGi Facial Honee Kit. Do not remove your moustache with razors, because this will make the hairs thicker than before. Go for professionals and always choose carefully your wax.

For the bikini zone, waxing is the best way to remove the hair. Shaving this zone only irritates the skin. Waxing is a good way, but you need to do it regularly and leave the delicate skin of the bikini area to “breathe” as your perform the procedure once a month.


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