Halle Berry – Learn Some Beauty Tips from Her

We have to admit that Halle Berry is one of the most amazing people of all. Her acting is great, she is a good mother, she makes numerous media appearances, and let’s not forget that she is really pretty too. It looks like she has everything in life, but we also have to keep in mind that she works hard.

Halle Berry

Her beauty mantra

Unlike many other celebrities, she isn’t a fan of aesthetic surgery, so she prefers to take care of what she has. According to her, one of the most important parts of the beauty routine is skincare, especially during the night. She says that she never sleeps or naps with her makeup on. It’s bad for the skin.

High or low maintenance

The truth is that she is a fanatic regarding skin care, but when it comes to makeup, she doesn’t care that much. She even adds that there are some days when she goes out without any makeup on. She says that she is too busy to worry about such minor problems.

Beauty tips

When people ask her to give some advice to other women, she says that it is best not to have too much makeup on. Another thing that might be important to women is to line their lips correctly.

She starts the morning with cleansing and moisturizing. As a tip you could be using cleansers based on fruit acid because they are great when exfoliating the skin.

After cleansing you may want to apply some vitamin C on your skin. In the end apply your moisturizer. During the summer you should opt for the lighter cleansers, while in the winter you may want to applysomething heavier.

Her perfume

When she released her perfume, many people asked her about how it relates to her personality. She said that with time she got in touch with her sexuality and now she feels free to express it. She is happy with the fragrance because it is sexy, sensual and playful besides being fruity and exotic.

It is a known fact that she loves orchids and she thinks it is possible that she will come up with a new fragrance based on her favorite flower. She says that there is bound to be some orchids in her house every day because it lifts her spirit and improves her mood.


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