The Basics Of Avoiding Damage To Your Hands

applying hand creamHands take a lot of punishment but if we take the time to look after them they can cope very well with the rigors of everyday life.

If you spend a lot of time with your hands in water be it soapy or otherwise you should consider wearing plastic gloves which are either disposable or can be reused.

Make sure your hands can breathe so a cotton fabric will be better. If you are a keen gardener thicker gloves specifically designed for that purpose are worth investing in.

Get in the habit of applying hand cream at least once a day, usually in the morning before your day begins. Don’t forget the nails as well as the rest of the hands. A weekly massage with just basic petroleum jelly will work magic and stop them becoming brittle.

When trimming your fingernails always cut them straight, not round, to prevent in-growing nails and also sort out broken nails as quick as possible to avoid, tearing and catching on anything. If it is going to catch cover it with a plaster until it grows back a bit.

Most nail polish removers are very harsh on nails so look out for a brand that has gentler qualities or just have a few days a week when you are polish free. If a color is chipped why not patch it up rather than taking it all off and starting again. It will mean less exposure to the strong solvent that is contained in most removers.

There are several products which claim to strengthen nails; one of them is called biotin, which is a vitamin. If you are very prone to breakages it might be well worth trying it out.


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