Treating Hands For Age Reversal

hand careSo we had been sweating it out lately for hours in the gym, had been regular in taking our prescribed doses of anti-oxidants and vitamins and yes fruit juices and vegetables are definitely making a foray in our diets.

All these efforts are made just to hold back the aging clock for sometime.

But in all this frantic fitness routine do squeeze in time for anti aging treatment for hands whose wrinkles are likely to give away the number of candles that will be decorating your next birthday cake.

According to the dermatologists anti aging treatments for hands become important as there is very little fat tissues present on the back of the hands.

Continuous exposure to sun or natural aging process can cause breakage of elastin fibers and collagens which will cause noticeable wrinkles on your hands. Hence a sensible routine should be followed to reverse and to slowdown this aging process.

  • To start with the simplest care you can give to your hands is to wear plastic or rubber gloves while performing various day to day activities like dusting or washing clothes and utensils with detergents that can prove detrimental to your hands’ skin.
  • The second step towards anti aging treatment for hands is to pamper your hands with a cream that is rich in Retinol A and other nutrients that help in tightening the collagen by repairing the damaged cells. Regular massage by any good natural cream will if not reverse at least put an end to the faster aging of your hands.
  • Going forward you can even try the recent trend of using hydroquinone products that will help you in diminishing these signs of aging returning the youthful look. But instead of looking for any counter product to be used for anti aging treatment for hands a safer bet is to buy a product that is being prescribed and endorsed by the skin specialist.
  • Protection from direct sunlight always goes a long way in maintaining the beauty of your hands. Our skin takes 20 minutes to absorb any cream or fluid; therefore it is always advisable to apply a sunscreen of at least SPF15 before stepping out in the sun. Also while going in blazing heat wearing cotton gloves is also a good alternative. So try any Neutrogena or L’Oreal sunscreen to protect your hands.
  • Enjoy the luxury of dipping your hands in aromatic paraffin hand wax bath that will protect your skin by layering it with a protective coat generally not offered by the regular skin care products. There are a number of reasonably priced home paraffin wax kits now available in market for use especially from the brands like Homedics and Therabath.
  • Injecting medical fillers by professional skin care specialist that adds some bonus cushion under the thin skin present on our hands, fills out wrinkles giving it a youthful appearance. This treatment takes just 20 minutes and results are seen in a matter of couple of weeks.

So opt for one of the anti aging treatments for hands and try to turn back the hands of the cruel times.


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