Hands Reflecting Your Age? Hand Care For Beautiful And Healthy Hands!

hand careBeautiful and attractive hands are so important. Hands reflect your way of caring your body because hands get the most exposure and show your age the most.

Meaning that hand care is a care for your body as well as your age.

So, maintaining beautiful hands is essential for preserving a youthful look at any age. Hand care as you age is the best way to ensure a youthful look all the time.

Hand Care As You Age

When you enter your twenties, your hands will be young and healthy, as these are your skin’s glory years.

In your twenties, it is the best time to start hand care for preventing the effects of aging, as too much exposure to the sun leads to early aging [Treating aging].

Your skin will be healthy and youthful if you start hand care in your twenties. Apply a moisturizer, twice a day, with an SPF. When you are going out in the sun for a long time, better apply a sunscreen lotion that contains a UVA blocking agent. UVA rays leads to bad skin and wrinkles.

Once a week, remove the old dead skin cells on your hands using a facial scrub, as it helps the moisturizer, you are applying, to penetrate deeper into your skin. Finally, apply skin cream on your hands every night for an improved and beautiful look to your hands.

This will lighten the minor brown spots and discoloration of the skin on your hands. Be careful, the spots will come back if you don’t use your sunscreen lotion.

Prefer manicure to maintain your beautiful hands.

Your estrogen levels will start dropping in your thirties causing more dryness to your hands. Moreover, the opening signs of photo aging begin in this age.

Daily, in the mornings, apply a moisturizing cream using a sloughing agent such as lactic acid, glycolic acid, or salicylic acid to keep dead cells away from accumulating on the surface of your skin. Then, apply sunscreen lotion with SPF.

Generally, you will tend to lose moisture in the nights and to prevent this, apply an emollient serum to the backside of your hands for 30 minutes before you go to bed. Finally, to lighten the brown spots, apply a prescription bleaching cream in the morning and vitamin A derivative in the evening.

And in forties, you skin tends to begin thin out, a regular part of aging because of decrease in collagen in the skin and you may observe veins, wrinkles, and sun spots on your hands.

Now, in forties, hand care is essential and you have to change to a hand cream that contains protein for the production of collagen in your skin. Don’t stop applying UVA/UVB blocking sunscreen lotion. Apply a retinol cream or renovo in the nights, to help produce collagen in your skin.

Consult a dermatologist, if serious wrinkles and spots continue to appear on your hands. All the hand care measures discussed above may not prevent but some of these can reverse the effects of aging. So take care of your hands through hand care measures, no matter what your age, and enjoy the benefits.


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