Head And Face Massage Techniques

head massageHead and face massage is a useful technique not only to get rid of stress and fatigue, but it is also a pleasurable way to stimulate and improve circulation in these areas.

Improved circulation is what will give you a glowing complexion as well as stimulate hair growth.

It is sometimes a good idea to get one of those vibrating hair brushes that offers an effortless way to gently massage the scalp, but there are other methods that you can apply using nothing more than your fingers and perhaps some warm oil. [scalp massage]

Face Massage

You are using your facial muscles to do a whole lot of work during the day: they frown, smile, grimace, laugh, and do all your wordless communication for you.

It is a lot of work even if you don’t realize it! To massage your face, use your finger tips applying gentle pressure and using small circular motions, take care to attend to each part of the face: massage the temples, the cheekbones, forehead, jaw line, around the eye sockets, under the eyes, under the ears and even the ears themselves. Once your face is feeling nice and relaxed, you can move to your hair and head massage.

Head Massage

You can do this with or without oil: if using oil, dip the tips of your fingers in gently warmed oil (you can use olive, coconut or almond oil, they are all very beneficial) start at your hairline, just above your forehead. [hot oil treatment]

In gently kneading motions, work your way from the hair line, further into the hair and backward into the scalp. With rhythmic, circular motions, massage the scalp all over, concentrating on pressure points such as the temples, behind the ears and the base of the neck, where your hair line ends. As you continue to massage you will feel the tension and the stress easing away.

Just before ending, make sure to take a substantial amount of oil on your finger tips and apply it to the ends of the hair, which is the portion of your hair that is most prone to dryness, split ends and breakage.

Now wrap your hair in a warm towel for about 15 minutes to half an hour, for the oil to seep into the scalp as well as optimally condition your hair shaft.

Now treat yourself to a luxurious shampoo and bath and emerge as a new person!


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