Helen Mirren’s Beauty Secrets – Not So Secret!

beauty-secretsIf ever a 65 year old woman looked good in a red bikini it would have to be Helen Mirren, film and TV star repute. And if you are wondering what it is that she does to keep looking so terrific, even on the wrong side of 60, then it isn’t much different from what you and I do!

Helen Mirren’s beauty secrets are a rather simple two part deal –

Sucking it in – So those lovely flat abs are not just a result of hard work, but also a bit of good old fashioned breathing in.

Don’t we all do that little trick of holding out tummies in as we enter a room wanting to make a good impression? Well by her own admission, Mirren does the same! Holding the tummy in is her trick to make you look and feel good.

Four Inch Platforms – They used to be available only in stripper shops, but evidently a lot of people cottoned on to how good those four inch platform heels can make you and your legs look, so they are now available pretty much everywhere.

According to the veteran actress, those four inch heels can give you great height and make your legs look unbelievably long!


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