Hirsutism Is The Most Common Problem In Women!

HirsutismThe word hirsutism is derived from Latin language.

In this language, the word hirsutus represents hairy or shaggy.

Hirsutism is the problem which occurs due to excess growth of hair in unwanted areas in women.

The problem of hirsutism is mainly caused due of hormones.

In women’s body, basically there are two main hormones namely estrogens and androgens. Estrogens are the female hormones and androgens are the male hormones.

The problem of hirsutism occurs when you have more number of androgens which are responsible for excess growth of hair.

The different conditions that are responsible for increasing androgens in your body are:

  • If you have polycystic ovary syndrome, this syndrome will make the improper function of hormones and also increases the production of androgens in your body.
  • Your production of androgens can also be increased if you have Cushing’s disease.
  • If you have tumors in adrenal glands or ovaries, then the hormonal imbalance will take place in your body which can lead to excess production of androgens.
  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasia will also lead to excess production of androgens.
  • Your androgens can also increase due to certain medications which you use.

Hirsutisms will appear mostly in women. If you have this, you will have male pattern of body hair. These will be particularly seen in the areas where women will not get the hair.

You will get these hirsutisms in the puberty areas such as face, chest, abdomen and back. The medical term for this hirsutism is hypertrichosis.

You can evaluate this hirsutism by ferriman-gallway score. This is the method which gives the score based on the location and the amount of hair growth in you. This will help you to find out whether you have hirsutism or not.

You can solve the problem of hirsutism by various hair removal treatments. These hair removal methods will control the appearance of hirsutism.

Before going to hair removal methods you should know the particular cause for sudden growth of your hair by consulting a physician.

They can suggest you to undergo blood test and some other pinpoint tests which indicate the specific origin for the growth of unwanted hair. Your physician will suggest you the best course of treatment with the reports obtained from the various tests.

The most common clinical features that you can observe if you have hirsutism:

  • You will have social stress and severe anxiety if you have hirsutism.
  • Your age and speed of onset can also cause this.
  • You will have menstruation problems if you have hirsutism.
  • Your weight will be increased a lot if you have this problem.
  • You can also observe other symptoms such as: deepening voice, decreased breast size, balding, sudden occurrence of acne on your face, enlargement of clitoris and increase in your muscle.

These are the main features of hirsutism. You can take cosmetic as well as medical treatment for hirsutism. Most of the people prefer to take cosmetic treatment because usage of medications can cause some other side effects in your body.


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