Homemade Scrubs for Exfoliation!

scrubsWhy use a scrub? Good Question! Scrubs are used for exfoliating your skin, be it facial or body.

These scrubs help in cleansing your skin getting rid off the dead skin projecting that radiant skin of yours which was hidden beneath all the while!

Yes, that glowing radiant skin is all yours! Give your skin a luxurious touch and pamper your skin with the revitalizing, rejuvenating and invigorating effect. This sounds really great, isn’t it?

So what are you waiting for come along and owe that spectacular and luxurious feeling! Scrubs no wonder make your skin feel great also they give you a perfect spa feeling. Yes, you can have that spa treatment massage feeling all at home by using these scrubs.

Ideal time is while you take a warm shower, after cleansing yourself with rich cream and then start your scrubbing and then complete your shower. You’ll feel great and love it doing quite often. Surely you will feel soft, smooth and young.

To make a scrub, all you need to do is to pair a naturally abrasive ingredient with a soothing and moisturizing base. The most popular and practical abrasive for homemade body scrubs is sugar.

Sugars small grains have ability to melt easily make it the least damaging abrasive, so you can be sure that your sugar based body scrub will help your skin rather than harm it.

If you are nature lover and want natural skin care then go for natural scrubs, you will not have to worry about their freshness or expiry date, make them sue them immediately.

What you already had a pretty bad experience with those chemical skin care products then better don’t ruin your skin again. Prefer natural homemade scrubs.

Yes, why waste money on those chemical composition skin care products and spoil your day its rather intelligent to switch to natural scrubs which can be made with very little investment, highly cheaper than your chemical ones.

Try Your First Homemade Scrub! Sugar with a combination of any favorite fruit of yours say strawberry, banana or even mangoes anything is fine for making a scrub. To this add honey for that soothing effect.

Remember to take fruit 1 cup and sugar 1 tablespoon. There you are with an ideal fruit scrub for your skin. If you don’t like fruits then go for yogurt scrub, to prepare this all you need is plain yogurt to which add finely grounded walnut, this also works fine.

After you thoroughly and gently rub your skin with scrub in light circular movements leave it for few minutes to allow absorbing the ingredients into the skin and rinse off. Pat dry and feel the fresh, radiant, glowing skin!


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