How Jenny from the Block Became J Lo, the Diva

In our days one of the most well-known celebrities is Jennifer Lopez and in case you take a look at her older photos, it becomes difficult to believe that she is the same person she used to be. During her career she has reinvented her look, and has become the diva that we know today.

Jennifer Lopez hairstyle


We could say that this is the beginning of her career. Back then she had natural curls, and earth toned makeup.


In this year she has been heard of because she got the role of Selena. Regarding the role the star said that the two styles are very different, hers and the character’s, because she is more into the natural lookbut she will have to learn to look in the mirror and not to see her face, but the face of the character.


A lot of people remember this year, because her appearance at the Grammy’s has been really awarded. Back then she has been wearing a fabulous Versace dress. She stated that from time to time she likes to have a fabulous look, a little like Marilyn Monroe did. At the MTV VMA she has been spotted withcaramel highlights, that later has become her signature. We have to admit that they work out fantastic with her skin tone.


At this point it looked like the diva hasn’t found her own style yet, so she has been experimenting with purple smoky eyes and defined ringlets. This has also become a signature look.


Although a lot of people said that the look she had at the Academy Awards wasn’t her best, J Lo and her stylist simply loved the bouffant from the 60’s.


She still had her curls, but these didn’t reflect her good girl side anymore. They have become more rebellious. Nonetheless she has kept the glossy nude mouth and the bronzed skin tone.


She really knows how to surprise people. You can’t deny that you couldn’t imagine the diva with pigtails until she showed them off in 2004, attending the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.


This is the year when she has become the wife of Marc Anthony. Although before she has opted for a less natural look, she has decided to go back to being more natural.

The divas can pull off a lot of looks, such as a silver colored head scarf, as she did.


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