How To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Nails? Nail Accessories To Create Unique Nail Designs!

Are you prepared for a party, wearing a beautiful dress, suitable makeup and necessary accessories? But, what about your nail design.

Nail design is becoming most common in the world of fashion today. It shows your creativity and personality.

Designing the nails is a beautiful art with which you can enhance the look of your nails.

In this fascinating world, women are showing more and more interest on nail designs to attain very nice nails.Nail Design

So, here are some tips to attain a beautiful look for your nails.

Nail Stickers are easy to use nail design accessory to have a desired effect on your nails. The nail stickers are available in various designs. In order to use nail stickers, clean your nails properly and apply suitable nail polish.

Next, peel off the selected sticker from the sheet carefully and stick it onto the nail in desired position only when the polish is dry and apply pressure with finger to fix it properly. Finally, seal the sticker by applying the transparent nail polish coat.

Nail jewelry is becoming the latest trend in fashion world of nail designs. Nail jewelry is available in two kinds. The first kind of jewelry will be used just like nail stickers. For this, clean your nail, apply a suitable nail polish and wait until it dry.

Now glue the jewelry to the nail. As the nail jewelry is very tiny, use tweezers or other related instrument to lift and position it properly.

To use other kind of nail jewelry, it is essential to have nail piercing. For this, drill a hole through the edge of the nail. Once the drilling ends take your selected nail jewelry having two nuts and insert the designed part (first nut) from the front side of the hole.

And screw the end of the designed part using second nut from backside of the nail to fix the jewelry tightly. Remember to apply 2 or 3 coats of polish before you make the hole.

Rhinestones are one of the nail accessories to create unique nail designs. Apply a single coat of nail polish, take a wooden stick (specially designed for rhinestones) and moist it in water to apply rhinestone to the nails.

Pick up your selected stone using a pick up tool and place the stone on the desired area of nail design. Finally, seal the stone by applying two coats of nail polish.

Nail Pearls are very easy to apply and the method of using these pearls is similar to the rhinestones. Apply a single coat of nail polish, select and place the pearls on the nail, and double coat the nail to fix the pearl firmly in desired position.

Nail stripes are very thin beautiful accessories to create your own nail designs. These stripes are very easy to use.

Select and peel off the stripe and apply it to the nail by laying it carefully across the nail in desired position using tweezers. Finally apply pressure with fingertip to fix it in place.

Now, are you ready to enhance the look of nails with the nail designs!


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